Industrial Injuries

Dennis Thomas can help you with Common Workplace InjuriesWONDERING IF YOU HAVE INDUSTRIAL INJURIES?

California law provides Workers' Compensation benefits for injuries that happen to an employee in California or, under many circumstances, in another state or country. Contrary to popular belief, an injury does not have to appear traumatic at the time to lead to severe damage or chronic pain.

At Thomas Law Alliance, Inc., our attorneys recognize that not all on-the-job injuries are created equal. We know that what might be a minor injury to one person could be debilitating to another, rendering someone unable to perform his or her work duties.


Workers' Compensation injuries occur in every industry, office or manufacturing facility. These include traumatic accidents that result in an injury to a certain body part, like a head injury or back injury.  Occupational hazards that could lead to injuries such as hearing loss, poisonings, toxic exposures, burns, cancers, lung injuries or nerve damage; and other conditions arising from the workplace, such as harassment, discrimination or mental disorders.

Our Huntington Beach, CA firm handles common workplace injuries such as:

  • Specific injuries, falls, burn injuries, back pain and broken bones
  • Head injuries, concussions, eye injuries, facial scars and teeth injuries
  • Repetitive trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic joint pain
  • Invisible injuries, such as heart disease, diabetes, toxic exposures and hypertension
  • Subsequent Injuries Fund, which provides for benefits after multiple injuries or disabilities

A common myth regarding workplace injuries is that only people who perform hard work are susceptible to injury. While construction workers and factory workers might be more likely to be injured in an accident, a person who works at a computer all day could suffer from a repetitive motion injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, shoulder impingement or arthritic changes to any joint.

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